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Breast Reduction Surgery (Reduction Mammoplasty) – Dallas, TX

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About Breast Reduction Surgery

Oversized breasts cause physical discomfort and emotional distress for women. This impacts their self-image and also cause pain in the neck and back.  Dr. George A. Toledo is a plastic surgeon in Dallas, TX who helps countless women rebuild their confidence and enjoy an active lifestyle through breast reduction surgery.

Dr. Toledo has more than 30 years of experience performing breast surgeries, including breast reduction. He understands the physical discomfort and emotional distress that women with overly large breasts experience, and he is proud to help women obtain a more balanced, attractive silhouette. Dr. Toledo is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and has trained at some of the nation’s top hospitals and medical institutions, giving him the experience he needs to provide the very latest and safest breast reduction techniques. He and his team of professional, knowledgeable staff members are committed to improving their patients’ quality of life by producing beautiful, natural-looking results.

Ideal Candidates

Breast reduction surgery is appropriate for women over the age of 18 who are unhappy with the size of their enlarged breasts. Women who seek breast reduction surgery often do so to achieve a more balanced figure, and also to seek relief from back pain, skin irritation, and other physical discomfort caused by large breasts. Many women who undergo breast reduction surgery also seek the procedure in order to reduce the amount of unwanted attention that their breasts attract. 


Women who wish to undergo breast reduction should be in good health and should not smoke, as smoking can interfere with the healing process. It is also important for patients to disclose any medical conditions or medications to Dr. Toledo so that he can ensure a safe procedure and recovery.

Surgical Technique

Breast reduction is an outpatient surgery and is performed under general anesthesia at the Highland Park Plastic Surgery Center in Dallas, Texas. The duration of the surgery is approximately two to three hours, depending on the extent of the changes being made.  During surgery, Dr. Toledo makes an incision around the areola, then vertically downward on the breast and finally across the  fold. He then removes excess skin, fat, and breast tissue before lifting the nipple to be centered in the breast. In some cases, he may use techniques to remove excess fat in the axillas, or armpits. The incisions are closed with sutures and the recovery can begin.

What to Expect

Dr. Toledo will provide a bra to wear in the weeks following your breast reduction surgery to support the breasts while healing. He and his staff will provide thorough postoperative instructions and support to facilitate a safe healing process. Many patients are able to return to work in one week but more strenuous activities, such as exercise, should be avoided for several weeks.

The results of breast reduction surgery are evident immediately, but the final appearance of your scars may take several months. Women who undergo this procedure often experience a boost in self-confidence. Among the many benefits of breast reduction are more clothing options, alleviation of back pain and a more proportionate, attractive figure.

Surgery Instructions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I breastfeed after a breast reduction?
Breast reduction surgery affects your ability to breastfeed.  Dr. Toledo always advises patients that breastfeeding will probably be impaired after a breast reduction. It is important for patients to know all risks of breast reduction surgery as they can make informed decisions.

Can my breasts regrow after surgery?
Removal of breast tissue is permanent, but weight fluctuations can affect the size and shape of the breasts, causing drooping over time.

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Smaller Breasts, Larger Life

Dr. Toledo has helped countless women reclaim their health for a more active life with breast reduction surgery. During your first visit at Highland Park Plastic Surgery Center, Dr. Toledo will discuss all of the options to reach your desired outcome and create a custom treatment plan to fit your needs. There is no need to continue living with the discomfort or lack of confidence that can sometimes accompany oversized breasts. We invite you to contact our practice in Dallas, TX to learn more about this outstanding breast reduction treatment.

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