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Facelift, Brow Lift, Lower Bleph & Fat Transfer Results for Dallas Texas Female

Procedure Details

Dallas Plastic Surgeon Dr. George A. Toledo is known for his natural facelifts. This 62 year old female from the Dallas/Fort Worth area came to the Highland Park Plastic Surgery Center in Dallas, Texas desiring full facial rejuvenation. She had the typical signs of an aging face throughout her forehead, eyelids, face and neck and wanted a natural, refreshed look. She underwent an anterior hairline forehead lift raising the brows, eliminating most of the upper eyelids skin and taking care of the frown lines causing her the vertical crease in the center of the forehead. Upper eyelid surgery was performed to remove little excess skin in the upper eyelids. The lower eyelid surgery repositioned the fat deposits and tightened the skin. She underwent a two-layer face and neck lift, lifting the skin and fat in one layer and then the SMAS (muscles) in a separate layer. The neck required an extensive amount of work, as she had submental/ submandibular fat and the neck muscles had become separated at the midline. This deformity required an extensive neck rhytidectomy, repositioning the muscle and defatting the tissues. The end result is a tight mandibular jawline and a more acute angle between the chin and the neck. The facelift was augmented by placing fat grafts in the cheek/malar areas and temples, as these areas were hollow from lack of midface fat. As you can see from these before and after photos, she has an incredible result, possibly taking twenty years off her face.


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