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George A. Toledo, M.D.

Experience Matters

Double board certified, Dr. George A. Toledo has over three decades of experience providing exceptional cosmetic plastic surgery and has helped over 15,000 patients worldwide safely achieve their aesthetic surgical goals. Dr. Toledo is highly proficient in all aspects of cosmetic surgery of the breast and body, but is especially renowned for his facial rejuvenation and rhinoplasty expertise.

“Simply stated, I treat my patients the way I would expect to be treated, with respect, candor, professionalism and compassion. I would expect my surgeon to have the highest credentials and level of training possible and be thoroughly experienced in performing my surgical procedure. He should be compulsive about every detail, especially in his surgical practice, but it should reflect throughout his personal life as well. I have built my practice on this philosophy and these qualifications, and I value the patient relationships that have developed as a result."


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For his work in the cosmetic surgery field, Dr. George Toledo has been recognized by several publications, news outlets, and radio broadcasts. Through these mediums, Dr. Toledo has been able to educate the public about advancements in aesthetic surgery and answer consumer questions about various techniques. Watch and listen to Dr. Toledo's media appearances to learn more about what you can expect when choosing Dr. Toledo at Highland Park Plastic Surgery Center for your aesthetic needs. 

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"So impressed with Dr. Toledo's rhinoplasty results! And even more impressed with how much my breathing has improved! I didn't even realize how blocked my breathing was until now, it really is life changing. Beautiful results. And a perfect little nose!"



"Beautiful work on my face & neck, a perfect result! - I had a low level of discomfort, no complications, no regret whatsoever. My PS is an excellent artist/doctor. He did beautiful work on my face & neck, literally perfect result. I had a great experience all around, I am getting a breast reduction next year, because I believe my be one of the best surgeons in our area."



"Dr. Toledo is 11/10. He made my process extremely smooth and painless, and I can’t express how happy I am with my results! Highly recommend."



"I had already had a rhinoplasty in 2016, and it was totally botched!!! Dr. Toledo completely saved my face! You can see for yourself with the before and after. It is perfect for my face and I could not be happier! This is 3 months post op."



"I am doing this review on behalf of my wife. I don't see where all the negative reviews come from with Dr. Toledo. Does he pretend to be your best friend during the process? Absolutely not, but my wife had nothing but great things to say during the entire process. I joined the day of surgery, and the office staff was very knowledgeable. Dr. Toldeo even pulled me aside upon my departure from the office to discuss any of my potential concerns. My wife has long disliked the appearance of her nose and decided to go with Dr. Toledo because of his expertise in plastic surgery and ENT. Not only has she fallen in love with her nose, but she can now breathe much better because of the restructuring of her septum. Dr. Toledo went the extra mile in addressing more than just appearance. He promised an exceptional product and more than delivered on his promise. Thank you for giving my wife something she can enjoy for the rest of her life! - R & ML"




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