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Double board certified, Dr. George A. Toledo has over three decades of experience providing exceptional cosmetic plastic surgery and has helped over 15,000 patients worldwide safely achieve their aesthetic surgical goals. Dr. Toledo is highly proficient in all aspects of cosmetic surgery of the breast and body, but is especially renowned for his facial rejuvenation and rhinoplasty expertise.

“Simply stated, I treat my patients the way I would expect to be treated, with respect, candor, professionalism and compassion. I would expect my surgeon to have the highest credentials and level of training possible and be thoroughly experienced in performing my surgical procedure. He should be compulsive about every detail, especially in his surgical practice, but it should reflect throughout his personal life as well. I have built my practice on this philosophy and these qualifications, and I value the patient relationships that have developed as a result."


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For his work in the cosmetic surgery field, Dr. George Toledo has been recognized by several publications, news outlets, and radio broadcasts. Through these mediums, Dr. Toledo has been able to educate the public about advancements in aesthetic surgery and answer consumer questions about various techniques. Watch and listen to Dr. Toledo's media appearances to learn more about what you can expect when choosing Dr. Toledo at Highland Park Plastic Surgery Center for your aesthetic needs. 

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"So impressed with Dr. Toledo's rhinoplasty results! And even more impressed with how much my breathing has improved! I didn't even realize how blocked my breathing was until now, it really is life changing. Beautiful results. And a perfect little nose!"



"Dr. Toledo was the third plastic surgeon I consulted with before deciding to proceed with scheduling surgery. While he's not one to sugarcoat, I appreciate his honesty, authenticity, and realistic expectations for my desired goals. Unfortunately, I was unable to proceed with the surgery due to an unforeseen personal circumstance, but Dr. Toledo showed me compassion, kindness, and understanding concerning an unexpected event. Also, Esther and Silvia were particularly friendly and answered all of my questions in- depth. I plan on returning to Dr. Toledo in the near future and highly recommend Dr. Toledo's expertise."



"I would recommend Dr. Toledo to anyone. He is amazing at what he does and his staff was so welcoming and helpful every time I went in. I had rhinoplasty surgery and couldn’t be happier with the results."



"Let me start by saying if you are looking for a plastic surgeon, schedule a consultation with Dr. Toledo today! I had decided I was going to get a facelift two years ago, but wanted to find the right doctor and not rush into anything (even though I was eager to look younger again!) There are an almost overwhelming number of plastic surgeons in Dallas, let alone the state of Texas, so I was confident I would find a place. I had gone to three consultations at other offices and thought I would be happy at any of them, but when I came to see Dr. Toledo, I immediately saw the difference and knew this was the place I wanted to schedule my surgery. I felt at home right away - the office feels very comfortable and the staff were all friendly and warm to me. During the appointment, Dr. Toledo listened to my concerns and what I was hoping for in terms of results. He was honest and straightforward, explaining what was possible and what was not. He clearly has a great deal of experience and not only knows what is best, but took the time to explain what he could do for me. Just from the first appointment it is easy to see that Dr. Toledo cares about his patients and was not trying to sell me on different treatments or procedures. In fact, he even told me that I didn't need some of the other procedures that I was considering or thought I needed! He wanted me to be happy with the results, but made sure I had realistic goals. The day of my surgery I was very nervous, but as soon as I arrived to the office (the surgeries are done right in the office building!) everyone put me at ease. My recovery was manageable and the staff were incredibly patient with my questions and called multiple times to check on me. It has been 3 weeks since my surgery and I could not be happier! I feel like years have been erased off of my face and I have a new confidence that I haven't had in a long time! I don't shy away from the camera - I feel gorgeous! Thank you, Dr. Toledo."



"My 55 year old face looked like it was melting in the Texas heat. My forehead and eyes were droopy making me look tired all the time and my neck was hanging down like a turkey. Needless to say, it was time to talk about a facelift because I looked about 15 years older than I should. I have always heard Dr. Toledo’s name mentioned by ladies as the facelift king. I met with him and he recommended a face and neck lift, forehead lift and upper eyelid surgery. He also required I get medical clearance prior to surgery which I appreciated. I had my surgery in May. My recovery was quick, and I went back to work in 10 days. I had no discomfort or bruises but did have to keep ointment in my eyes for a couple of days. My results are perfect, I look like I’m forty again. My neck is smoothed with no sagging, but I love my forehead and eyes. People keep telling me my eyes look so bright and I look really happy. Well I look that way because of this incredible surgery but an excellent surgeon. Dr. Toledo and his staff are as good as it gets. After my experience with surgery and recovery I trust him completely."




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