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About Breast Reduction Surgery

Oversized breasts can cause physical discomfort and emotional distress for women. This not only can impact a woman’s self-image—it can also cause pain in the neck, shoulders, and back. Dr. Toledo has decades of experience performing breast reduction surgery in Dallas, Texas. He has helped countless women rebuild their confidence and enjoy an active lifestyle through breast reduction surgery. This cosmetic plastic surgery procedure performed at the Highland Park Plastic Surgery Center removes excess breast tissue and tightens skin, producing beautiful, natural-looking results.

Ideal Candidates

Breast reduction surgery is appropriate for women over the age of 18 who are unhappy with the size of their enlarged breasts. Women who seek breast reduction surgery often do so to achieve a more balanced figure and seek relief from back pain, skin irritation, and other physical discomfort that can be caused by large breasts. Some women who undergo breast reduction surgery also seek the procedure in order to reduce the amount of unwanted attention their breasts attract.

Drawbacks to breast reduction surgery include visible scars on the breast, decreased ability to breastfeed, and numbness to the nipple. Patients have to weigh these risks against the benefits of the surgery. Therefore, the decision to undergo this surgery should be made after extensive research, consultations, and soul searching.

Each woman’s breasts have unique characteristics. Women’s breasts are never the same on both sides, and no two women have breasts that are exactly the same. These differences and asymmetries will always exist to some degree after surgery. Breast reduction surgery offers improvement, not perfection.

Surgical Technique

Dr. Toledo performs breast reduction surgery under general anesthesia. The entire procedure can take anywhere from two to three hours. During surgery, Dr. Toledo makes an incision around the areola and downward on the breast. If the breasts are very large, an additional horizontal incision in the fold may be necessary. Dr. Toledo then removes excess skin, fat, and breast tissue before lifting the nipple to a higher position. In some cases, he may use liposuction techniques to remove fat from the underarm area. The incisions are then closed with sutures and recovery can begin.

What to Expect

To ensure optimal results, Dr. Toledo will provide a bra to wear in the weeks after breast reduction surgery. He and his staff provide thorough post-operative instructions and support to help facilitate a quick and safe healing process. Many patients are able to return to work in one week, but more strenuous activities—such as exercises—should be avoided for several weeks.

The results of breast reduction surgery are evident immediately, but the final results may take several months to achieve. Women who undergo this procedure often experience a boost in self-confidence. Among the many benefits of breast reduction are increased clothing options; alleviation of back, neck, and shoulder pain; and a more proportionate, attractive figure.

Dr. Toledo and the staff at the Highland Park Plastic Surgery Center in Dallas, Texas will provide you with detailed written and verbal instructions on aftercare, and they will be available to address any questions or concerns that you may have.

Surgery Instructions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I breastfeed after a breast reduction?
Dr. Toledo always advises patients that breastfeeding will probably be impaired after a breast reduction. It is important for a patient to think about whether the benefits of breast reduction outweigh the risk of not being able to breastfeed.

Can my breasts re-grow after surgery?
Removal of breast tissue is permanent, but weight gain will affect the size of breasts and may cause drooping over time. Some patients have a hormonal imbalance that can stimulate the remaining breast tissue to grow. Pregnancy, birth control pills, and hormone replacement therapy can potentially stimulate your breasts to enlarge. A secondary breast reduction procedure can be performed if your breasts enlarge significantly.

Will my breast scars be visible?
Yes, they will be visible. The typical breast reduction scars are situated around the areolas and then vertically to the fold. Often, on large breasts, there is a horizontal scar along the fold under the breast as well. This is commonly referred to as the “anchor” scar. Ideally, you want a thin scar that is initially pink and turns white in 6-12 months. Unfortunately, that is not always the case, as some patients form wide, red, hyperpigmented, raised, or keloid scars. Who will form “good” scarring is difficult to predict, but African-American, Asian, or dark-skinned individuals have a greater tendency to scar poorly.

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Smaller Breasts, Larger Life

Dr. Toledo has helped countless women reclaim their health for a more active life with breast reduction surgery. During your consultation with Dr. Toledo, he will discuss all of the options and create a custom treatment plan to reach your desired outcome. There is no need to continue living with the discomfort or lack of confidence that can accompany having oversized breasts. We invite you to contact the Highland Park Plastic Surgery Center in Dallas, Texas to learn more about your options for breast reduction treatment.

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