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Dallas Texas Female Turns Back Time with Face&Brow Lift, Bleph & Chemical Peel

Procedure Details

Dallas Plastic Surgeon, Dr. George A. Toledo, is known for his dramatic but natural facelifts. This 66 year old female from Highland Park, Texas presented for full facial rejuvenation. She wanted a more refreshed and youthful appearance to her face and neck. She has the usual signs of an aging face for a 60-70 year old, but her anterior neck presented a significant challenge as she had a scar from a previous neck surgery causing the excess neck skin to appear more prominent. This lady underwent a coronal forehead lift with an upper and lower blepharoplasty and an extensive facial cervical rhytidectomy. The facelift included removal of the Bichat’s fat pads in the lower cheek to give her face a more angular, defined look. The neck included extensive refatting under the mandible and under the chin and releasing the scar in the lower neck. This facelift, as with most facelifts Dr. Toledo performs, was done in two-layers; utilizing the skin and subcutaneous fat as one layer and SMAS muscular layer as the deeper layer. This patient also underwent a moderate strength chemical peel to remove some of the skin discoloration and fine wrinkles on her face. You can tell by the before and after pictures that these results are dramatic but also very natural, which is typical of all of Dr. Toledo’s facial rejuvenation patients at the Highland Park Plastic Surgery Center in Dallas, Texas.


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