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Breast Augmentation in Dallas Texas: What if you're not satisfied with the results?

Considering breast augmentation in Dallas Texas or Breast Augmentation Revision? Contact Dr George Toledo at Highland Park Plastic Surgery.

Video Transcription

Breast augmentation – it is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries. But if you've had it and you weren't completely satisfied with your results what can you do? Well, plastic surgeon, Dr. George Toledo of Highland Park Plastic Surgery Center is here this morning to help and he brought one of his gorgeous patients along as well.

Good to see you.

Good to see you Karie.

Introduce us to your beautiful guest.

This is Natalie Benson and she's my patient and friend and we're going to be talking about complications of breast augmentation.

Okay and speaking of complications you've brought some photos of some celebrities where things didn't go as planned.

This is very common - these aren't my patients - this is you know Hayden and Victoria famous models and movie stars and you can see this is just off the internet you can see all this rippling and what happens is if the augmentations are done correctly if you use a saline implant on top of the muscle on thin individuals she can get this rippling and it's difficult to correct.

So when did Natalie come to see you?

Natalie actually had rippling much worse than this but Natalie is a model and so it's crucial for a model to not have rippling - and so you can see how devastating it would be for her and when you have 5% body fat there's no room for error - Natalie had five operations before she saw me and finally I was able to help her out. It wasn't easy.

What was it like for you Natalie when you first came into the office knowing you needed this help?

Well it was a little devastating because before I met Dr. Toledo I was always covered up you know not wanting to show cleavage my chest it played a big part on my self-esteem. So once I met Dr Toledo it took him about a year to say yes he would do it because he was very hesitant on doing it because of the issues that I did have - but you know trying to save five hundred dollars and then all of a sudden you have five surgeries I found out that it wasn't worth it.

Look at your after photos I mean this is incredible you're our own local celebrity I've never showed my stomach and cleavage up until now - what was that like for you the experience of working with Dr. Toledo and your results today?

It was awesome it was just like life-changing he made me feel comfortable as a woman you know and it wasn't the end of my world - I thought I was just doomed.

Dr. Toledo you've probably seen it all patients come to you they're not satisfied with their results and you just know what to do and how to fix it.

Well you know I really just feel sorry for for Natalie with five operations that I didn't want to be unsuccessful and it took me a year to finally realize you know something has to be done here and so will you started all over we took the implants out a reconstructed her chest wall the muscle and waited you know another year to put them back in and so it worked.

It absolutely worked look at your results today you look phenomenal and we want to thank the two of you for stopping by GMT you look great.