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Facial Rejuvenation in Dallas Texas | Dermal Skin Grafts

Facial Rejuvenation in Dallas Texas with board certified plastic surgeon Dr. George Toledo of Highland Park Plastic Surgery Center.

Video Transcription

Everything is so fresh and new when spring arrives so what if you want to look younger this spring time without looking like you've had something done. GMT's Paige McCoy Smith talks with plastic surgeon Dr. George Toledo. Skin grafts are typically used to treat burns and serious wounds but did you know that they're becoming very popular with people who want to look younger without looking like they've had something done.

Plastic surgeon Dr. George Toledo of Highland Park plastic surgery center is here to show us how.

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Good morning Paige

All right let's talk about this it's called dermal skin grafts they've become increasingly more popular when it comes to facial rejuvenation tell me why they've become a popular and kind of how they work.

Plastic surgeons have figured out over the last five or ten years at the face needs volume not just pulling and pulling and stretching. That makes it look unnatural and so we've been doing too many facelifts and not enough facial augmentation. There are temporary ways of doing the augmentation with fillers and fat injections but this is a dermal skin. It's your own skin we take it from your belly from a little tummy tuck type of incision or a c-section incision and we transplant it to the face and it's permanent. It doesn't give you that taunt look you still need a little bit of a lift but it's really more filling than lifting all right and you've got an image of a woman that has had some had some challenges so show us what a typical 60 yr old that you know you could see that right in here this area needs to be filled that the temples are kind of sunken as you can see where we fill in the temples and we fill in the orbital rim areas as well as the lips and in this is this needs to be lifted with a neck facelift but if you keep pulling this up and stretching it looks so natural so it's better just to fill it - fill the upper third of the face and pull the lift the lower third of the face so you can see how the cheeks are fuller, the orbital rims, the temples are fuller

That is a dramatic difference saying it's filling the face instead of pulling the face back altogether and it really does show a dramatic difference.

She still had eyelid surgery and she still had her neck lifted and a forehead lift but it's more natural when you can fill this area up with with her own tissue well and so and the lips were also enlarged that's a dramatic difference. We did a little sculpting to her neck this is a young girl but we can use that same dermal graph to augment the chin and you can see the difference in the chin this person that's you know it's five millimeters but it makes the big difference in her profile that's pretty dramatic as well of course this is tricky to do but you know it works.

In the lips we use this all the time on the lips there's an artificial lip implant. There's fillers for the lips people are putting strings of gore-tex, but if you take your own tissue and put it inside your lips it stays soft and it's not rejected and it lives like a skin graft does on a burn patient it stays in there and lives so it has it more it has been more permanence it's it certainly looks a lot more natural it's a great alternative I think the key is the fillers hurt and you got to do it every six months an artificial implant is stiff so you can't pucker you can't smile right I mean it's it feels like a piece of silicone in there.


Whereas this is soft it's so great to know permanent that we have these alternatives.